How B2B Telemarketing Helps In Lead Generation

How B2B Telemarketing Helps In Lead Generation

How B2B Telemarketing Helps In Lead Generation

New marketing strategies have to be employed, especially in these times of digitalization, in order to keep up with the continuous changes in trends. Though businesses, specifically the business-to-business segment, can devise a number of marketing techniques for the purpose of generating leads, telemarketing presents a unique opportunity.

According to the latest research, telemarketing ranks third – after Inside Sales and Executive Events – as the most effective lead generation tool.

How Does Telemarketing Help

Even in these times of fast technological developments, telephones continue to be an effective marketing tool. This can be attributed to the fact that the people remain the same, especially their needs, even though new technologies are introduced from time to time. This is why telephone still works as a lead generation tool.

1. It provides a human touch

Ultimately, marketing is a high touch activity and not a high tech activity. Telephones allow you to start a conversation with the prospective customers.

It allows you to not only interact but also engage with them. In addition, telemarketing is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to market your products and services. In fact, telemarketing allows you to:

  • Focus more on the needs of your B2B prospects
  • Address and overcome their objections
  • Seek responses and feedback
  • Answer queries immediately

2. It is easy to filter out the leads for sales

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) may come in through various marketing channels such as SEO, webinars, and email marketing and are, therefore, unqualified. Ideally, the MQLs should become high-quality Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

However, this does not happen always. Instead of sending the MQLs directly to the salespeople, they should be shared with the telemarketing team so that they can qualify the leads prior to taking further action.

3. It works better with new techniques

The techniques employed by the new generation marketers work best when they are combined with that used by the older generations. Web leads can be generated through webinars and by making available white papers. However, it cannot be expected that these leads will turn into customers immediately.

Other techniques are required to be employed to entice as well as convince the prospective customers to buy from you. This is best done by calling the prospect, building a relationship, and finding out as to how you can serve them. Telemarketing comes in handy in such situations.

4. It keeps leads alive

Your leads have to be nurtured and taken good care of for a period of time so that they stay with you and ultimately buy from you. If you allow them to remain as they are, they will just get wasted. They will not buy your products or services.

When you show interest in them, they will remain with you. Telemarketing presents you with an opportunity to speak to them, understand where they are in their decision-making process, and find out how you can help them.

5. It does not pay to neglect your existing customers

You spend more on acquiring new customers than retaining the existing ones. So, you should never forget to make courtesy calls to your existing customers once in a while. This is because satisfied customers can bring in more leads. If you keep your customers happy, you can even ask them for references. This is best accomplished through personal conversations.

Factors to be Considered to Make Telemarketing More Effective

It is an accepted fact that telemarketing continues to play a vital role in B2B lead generation, but it becomes ineffective because of various reasons. Therefore, some of the factors to be taken into account to make your B2B telemarketing effort more successful are as follows:

1. You should do proper research and develop a clear understanding of your target market.

2. When launching campaigns, they should be implemented well.

3. It pays to employ professional telemarketers.

4. You should have a well-suited and adequate prospect data list for the campaign.

5. Telecalling should be properly organised with call-back scheduling to measure success.

6. Telemarketing works best when combined with email marketing and social media campaigns.

7. Telecallers should be able to capture the attention of your prospects.

8. Telemarketing professionals employed by you should be able to generate interest in your brand. So, they need to know what businesses are to be contacted.

9. A good call-to-action plan must be a part of your telemarketing program. This helps more prospects to be converted into buyers.

A Final Thought

Businesses in the B2B segment around the world are continuing to use telemarketing for lead generation purposes. This is because it enables direct communication with your prospects. It also makes it easy for prospects to provide a response immediately and for you handle their queries and concerns.