Does Telemarketing Still Have a Place in B2B Lead Generation?

Does Telemarketing Still Have a Place in B2B Lead Generation?

Most sales and marketing teams today have their budgets focused on digital channels. As a result, telemarketing has taken a back seat becoming an old forgotten art that is no longer needed.

But this is an incorrect approach. Telemarketing is still an effective tool, especially in the case of B2B lead generation, if incorporated correctly in the marketing mix.

Integrated Marketing Mix

The results of integrated marketing activity are much more as compared to the use of a single channel. There must be different touch points to reach to the potential customer. The popularity of email marketing campaigns has increased leading to junk mail becoming a common phenomenon.

You cannot be sure if your email was opened or not. If the recipient has opened your email, can you be sure that they have understood what you intend to convey and have seen your product/service as you want them to? Can you guarantee that they will get in touch with you to know more about your offering?

This is where telemarketing needs to make an entry. Telemarketing gives way to personal communication with the prospect. It helps brands gather market insight and nurture customer relationships which might not instantly convert into deals but will definitely establish a bond for the future.

Here are 5 reasons that show how telemarketing still has a place in B2B lead generation

Direct Communication

Telemarketing helps to establish a direct link with customers. It assists with building awareness for the business and its products. In fact, telemarketing is the only marketing strategy that gives an instant response.

One-on-one communication

Telemarketing adds a personal touch to communication. It gives potential clients the opportunity to interact with a genuine person and build a relationship of trust and confidence with the business.

Immediate Feedback

In the case of telemarketing, clients give an instant response – both positive and negative. With such communication, you get specific information about what works and what doesn’t. You know what prospects like and what they don’t.

The number of people you engage with, the better your understanding is about the target market. You can then alter your outbound calls and achieve more favorable results.

Hit the Right Target Market

Digital channels make it difficult for you to target specific segments of the market. Telemarketing eliminates this challenge. It helps you to contact a particular target market with a focus on those who will have an interest in your products/services and your offerings.

Repeat Sales

Telemarketing, on one hand, helps you to generate new leads. On the other, it gives you a chance to interact with previous clients and consistently work with them for the sale of new products and services.

When a client builds a bond of trust with your business, they listen to you with more attention and take your advice with respect to the offer you are making. This ensures that you have regular customers and the chances of referral also increase.

A Final Thought

Telemarketing is still one of the most effective tools for B2B lead generation. In combination with social media tools and digital marketing channels, telemarketing enhances the ROI of marketing strategies. Brand awareness can be established through digital channels while telemarketing can build strong one-on-one relationships.