Traits of Successful B2B Marketers

10 Traits of Successful B2B Marketers

Today, the only constant in any business organization is evolution. B2B marketers need to be on their toes to understand and fulfill the demands of their prospects. Not just that, they must possess exceptional skills to be able to beat their competition and stand out in their niche.

In fact, if you need assistance with accounting tasks, you would look for someone who attended school in the particular field and has accounting skills.

However, people who hold a marketing degree may not be able to do as much justice to the changing industry today. Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of 10 traits that B2B marketers must focus upon to successfully grow the organization:

1. Understanding the Prospect

Top marketers today focus on the issues and problems faced by the prospect, rather than the capability of their offerings. They study the key trends, the changing demands and the events that trigger in the prospect’s environment.

Once these problems have been uncovered, they evaluate it against their goals and opportunities. Most important of all, they offer their solutions as answers to these problems understanding the current situation of the prospect.

In doing so, they are able to establish a personal connection and dialogue with the prospect which goes a long way as compared to a single sale deal.

2. Use the Prospect’s Language

A lot of marketers tend to prepare their marketing material based on what they learned at school. However, what they forget is that prospects do not understand their favorite acronyms, jargons, and technical terms.

They need a language that they can relate to. A B2B marketer can be extremely successful if he uses the language that is relevant to the current times and to the prospect’s environment. They must talk as fellow business people discussing the issues and trends of the day.

3. Use of Engaging Anecdotes

According to research, prospects react positively to stories, case studies, and anecdotes. This is because these are more relatable in comparison to formalized product descriptions.

If the product is placed in a real-life situation, prospects understand how it can help them in their day-to-day life and tend to get inclined towards it. B2B marketers must be storytellers creating an impact in the minds of the target audience.

4. Revenue Focus

The time has come for B2B marketers to take responsibility for revenue. They must ensure that everyone in the organization – right from the marketing team to the salespeople – strive to achieve the same goals.

They must be able to distinguish between good sales and bad sales, quick sales and strong lifetime value, good business practices and commission focused approach. They must work in-sync with the revenue goals of the company.

5. Time

It is important to keep an eye on how time is being utilized in the organization. Do you have a strong daily plan? Are you listing out the five key priorities for a particular day?

Make sure that you sit with your team every evening and evaluate what has been achieved that day and make efforts to reduce any kinds of distractions and obstacles that keep you from staying on track.

6. Customer Focus

B2B marketers reach out to brands, companies, and organizations. However, always remember that buildings or brand names do not write checks, it is the actual people.

Stay connected with your actual customers establishing personal relationships that go a long way. Your actual clients are who you need to stay in touch with at the client organization and not with the name of the organization.

7. Use of Technology

Technology has tremendously evolved in today’s era. However, it is important that you know how technology is being used in your organization.

Is it helping your team to accomplish tasks faster or is it making them laidback? A successful B2B marketer must clearly identify the pros and cons of technology and must know how it needs to be used to its advantage.

8. Acceptance

A B2B marketer must accept feedback from within and outside of the organization. Every review or input is important and must be heard with a positive ear.

Making micro and macro adjustments based on the feedback received is definitely beneficial as it allows an organization to take risks. Please note, risks and failures are crucial for learning and growth.

9. Promptness

How well can you handle chaos and tackle crisis? Can your team instantly adapt to the changes when necessary? B2B marketers must be ready to spontaneously alter their game plan if that is what required for success.

They must be able to think and communicate promptly taking care of every action.

10. Empathy

While company goals are extremely essential, marketers must not forget their peers, team members, and customers. They must empathize with the challenges they face and ensure that pain points are well understood.

Steps must be taken to give solutions to the sales team, to marketers, as well as customers.

B2B marketers must be passionate about the work they do and must remain charged to achieve the goals they have determined. Apart from the 10 traits listed above, there are several other qualities and skills that can help B2B marketers complete their job successfully.