Innovative Ways to Impress Your Customers

20 Innovative Ways to Impress Your Customers

Awesome customer experience does not happen simply. It is pre-planned, designed and carefully executed. As we know, the “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work with customer service.

So the difference definitely comes from the experiences you work hard enough to deliver to your valuable customers, and that experience is unique to your business techniques, your brand and also for your customers. The outstanding aspect is that no other brand can copy your uniqueness.

We have mapped some innovative ways to impress your customers. Let’s have look.

1. Always strive to do better

Once Walt Disney had said, “Just do your best work – then trump it.” Follow it! If you really put in your efforts in improving experiences and interactions better for your clients, they will definitely notice it. This will eventually grow your brand’s loyalty and engagement too.

2. Visualize customer needs

You are more likely to have access to data about your customers and their interactions with your brand. Use it in a good manner to understand what customers need and how they need it, and offer it to them.

3. Always deliver beyond the customer expectations

Obviously to achieve this, requires recognizing the customer expectations. Take care of the smallest things like a free video or something that can bring a smile on your customers’ face and this, in turn, will make the customer experience even better.

4. Remain consistent across various channels

Customers always expect consistent and reliable experiences over an array of channels. If the experience is not consistent starting from one channel then onto the next, it creates a broken feeling.

So make sure that you are consistent across various channels to enhance the customer experience.

5. Always ensure the values you offer to customers

Always ask yourselves for what reason customers have to work with you over the competition in the market. Ask these questions like – what is really special about your product or services?

For what reasons does it make a difference to your customers? etc. The answer to these questions will help you to ensure the values you offer to your customers.

6. Avoid customer dissatisfaction

After all, even there is no genuine relationship between loyalty and satisfaction, the truth is that you won’t be able to gain customer loyalty until you possess the capacity to completely understand and avoid customer’s dissatisfaction. So it’s crucial to understand the reasons behind dissatisfaction and to fix them.

7. Show genuine care for customers

This implies expressing to customers that you actually care for them and understand them well by supporting their emotional needs through words, actions, and attitude.

8. Support your employees

If you want to make your customers happy, you need to focus on the bottom line. When you support your employees, it will make them happy.

Happy employees mean happy customers! Provide the employees with tools and other authority to improve the customer experience, and you can definitely watch the employee and customer relationship growing strong.

9. Focus more on what mostly matters for customers

Customers will have numerous experiences and interactions. You need to simply focus on what matters most for customers which also includes factors for driving dissatisfaction and loyalty, then you will be able to prioritize where to spend and allocate the resources accordingly.

10. Understand your customers’ top issues

For you to get an understanding of your customers’ top issues, you need to collect information from various sources which includes surveys, call centers, employees etc.

Then, make top 10 list to prioritize top issues and start by resolving them one by one.

11. Help customers to accomplish their goals

Many companies try to push their products, services, and plans on their customers. Please don’t do it! Customers will be tired of this usual thing.

Your products or services should be fit enough to accomplish customer’s needs. By doing this, you will be able to create experiences and offerings that line up with the goals they are trying to achieve.

12. If you mess up, apologize and mean it

We are all humans and humans make mistakes. Companies are also run by humans. So there are chances that mistakes can happen.

Definitely, customers get irritated, but a sincere apology can console even the most upset customer. Obviously, you need to back that apology with your future actions and resolve the issue.

13. Tune in to your customers

Many tools like Voice-Of-the-Customer (VOC) incorporate relationship and transactional-based studies, customer experience research, etc.

Incorporate and analyze to understand the areas where you can have best effects on customer experience and achievements in business, and take subsequent action on what you learn from it.

14. Make use of “Small Data”

Small data is about utilizing things such as surveys and transactional information and making decisions based on the data collected. Most of the companies still have not started taking advantage of the system.

15. It’s not all about numbers

Many businesses focus more on setting a single worldwide metric like NPS, CSAT or similar kind of metric. Rather, you need to focus on how to bring improvements to your business.

You need to understand the factors that bring loyalty, customer engagements or purchase patterns and thereby, you can link your efforts into business metrics which plays the greater part of all.

16. Personalize customer interactions across various channels

You will be able to serve your customers better if you can give them what they need, when and how they need it. By personalizing the experience across various channels and media, you will be providing unique benefits where the competitors will not be able to beat it.

17. Respond instantly

Despite the situation, customers need a quick response. The speed with which you respond to an issue or a request indicates how much you care for your customers.

It could be anything like a basic acknowledgement that you have received their request and you are working on it can do wonders in gaining customer loyalty.

18. User-friendly customer experiences

Make your experiences, products, services, and communications user-friendly and easy to understand which helps in reducing problems and improves the possibility of customers meeting their goals.

The process of simplification can also be applied to internal systems and process that help customer experience.

19. Instruct your customers

When you help your customers to understand your products and services better, chances are high that they will transform from buyers into promoters. Also, it will help the customers in getting greater and immediate values from the interaction.

20. Always say “Thank You” to customer

It may seem simple, but kindness and gratitude can help you in winning customer’s mind. Most of the customers spend more time with a company because of the positive experiences they have received from that company.

Personalize thank you messages for each customer as it can speak a lot about the way your company cares about the customers. Appreciate the customers for the time they have spared while you were resolving their issue.

Sum Up

Lots of ways are there for business leaders to impress their customers. In those, we have sorted out 20 of the most innovative ideas for your business.

When the customer becomes the essential focus for you and your team, it is significantly easy to create innovative ways to excite and impress your customers.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to write to us.