Improve Your Telemarketing Results

How to Improve Your Telemarketing Results

Telemarketing isn’t an easy job. The higher you go up the corporate chain of command, the harder it gets the chance to accomplish the results.

Thus, anything you can do to improve the performance is beneficial. Furthermore, there are a couple of things you can do to essentially improve your results.

Here are ten ways to improve your telemarketing results.

1. Planning is the key

Even it is an old technique, it’s still important! Do your research before taking the phone into your hands. There is no point in making numerous calls without planning.

So, you need to keep in mind the following things before making a call:

  • First, decide which sector to concentrate. If you have any prior experience or customers in a particular sector, use that as a base to approach that particular sector you have chosen.
  • Study about what is happening in the target market
  • Use social media platforms like LinkedIn to research and make a list of your target audience
  • Plan the strategy you are going to use in your call like a catchy call introduction, good questions to ask the prospects, what to focus on, and above all, Practice them!
2. Define your target audience

Always you need to have a clear idea about who is your target audience. If you don’t study about the prospect, you are definitely going to hit in the wrong direction and you may lose the prospect.

As said above, study about the prospect – what he/she do? What is their position in the company, how many employees are there in the prospect’s company and all. By this way, you can get an idea of how much you will be able to push the sales.

You also need to understand who all are your influencers, what is your company’s best products and solutions that you can highlight it to customers?

The more clearly you define your target audience, the more probable you are to reach the prospects in a short span of time. Also, it implies that you can convey a clear message to your prospect and will be able to hook them with your ideas.

3. Better understanding of target marketplace

As discussed earlier, discover what’s happening in the target marketplace.

Find out the factors like prospect’s purchasing patterns, what are the service issues that competitors face and how can you achieve them? What are the changes going on in the marketplace? What are the trending topics?

The more you get an idea of what’s going on, the more easily you will be able to attract the prospects and build a bond with them. The more you become significant with your telemarketing discussion, the lesser you will sound like a cold caller.

4. Understand the prospect’s pain

Prospects show no signs of changing their current supplier if they are providing an ‘okay’ service, even though not an outstanding service.

However, if you can build a rapport with prospects by asking good and open questions and try to get what’s in their mind, you have a better chance of promoting your products and how it is different and better than other products.

Indirectly, you can amplify or revoke a sensed pain inside the prospect and encourage them to get out from their comfort zone.

So, make an effort to find out what is bothering your prospect and concentrate on it to impress your prospects.

5. Techniques to win the gatekeeper

Admit it! Gatekeepers are really a pain in the process of cold calling. Their job is to protect the prospect of unnecessary calls. So you need to figure out how to manage gatekeepers and use them to get around or use them to accomplish your objective.

Following are the few things to keep in mind while dealing with gatekeepers:

  • Always sound authoritative
  • Keep your conversation in control
  • Try not to give any information unless you completely need to
  • Try to engage with gatekeeper if you find out that your prospect is frequently out of office or if you don’t have any other choice
  • Understand that gatekeeper has the ability to completely block you rather than hiring you

Even though, gatekeepers don’t have a complete idea of what their boss is up to. You can use this trump card to work out your telemarketing skills to win the gatekeeper.

6. Building bond with decision makers

Building bond with the decision makers is half the battle. If you have the ability to keep them engaged in your discussion helps you in getting through; however, that’s not enough. Get an idea of what are the issues faced by the decision maker.

Ensure that beginning of your call is not stiff and sounds like a usual cold caller. However, there are a couple of telemarketing tips that you can use to upgrade the probability of good bonding.

  • Always ask appropriate questions
  • Adapt the tone of your decision maker and try to sound like them
  • Keep up the pace of the conversation to match with the prospect
  • Use the words/language that the prospect use but try not to sound like a parrot imitating the voice
  • There is nothing worse than being boring. Try to sound like engaging and interesting rather than over-energized and pushy
7. Asking good questions

Asking good and open questions are a standout among the essential factors in the improved cold calling process. Once you have built up an initial bond, begin asking good and open questions for more data.

  • Create your questions about current market trends and issues, supply issues etc. This enables the discussion to continue and be engaging.
  • Don’t simply go on talking. When you ask a question, wait to get a reply from the other side and then only ask next question. Answer the decision maker’s questions in a polite way with quick replies. Keep in mind that no one prefers a long-awaited reply.
8. Handle the objections

Most of the prospects sound similar; they will be either in the defensive mode or not interested in your services or already is using a similar service.

These are the objection you need to handle confidently while you are doing cold calling.

Always make sure you don’t feel offended and answer every objection you hear. Have patience and try to build a bond with the prospect, then you still have a decent chance.

Make yourself calm and accept that only one out of every objection will be negative or a block. Take it this way that objection means demand for more explanation; however, if you try to answer convincingly, you could prompt an opportunity.

9. Always follow up

Always the best telemarketing results originate from following up. It’s only sheer luck if you can crack a deal in your first call itself; however, this doesn’t always happen.

It takes at least 5-6 calls to crack a deal. So, make sure you achieve this through a good CRM system.

Also, you keep an eye on the following tips:

  • Ensure that requested information is provided on time
  • Guarantee that meeting confirmations are on time
  • Update the prospect as often as possible on the things you are doing in the meantime
  • If necessary, make a connection with the prospect on LinkedIn
10. Focus on telemarketing training and monitor the performance

Not everyone will be gifted with the ability to connect easily with a prospect. It requires hard work and practice for some people to achieve that level.

So, investing in telemarketing training is not a bad idea. If you use CRM system to measure the performance of the agents, you will be able to understand where to bring the changes.

By continuously monitoring KPI, you will be able to improve and implement good techniques to achieve it. Ensure that you track statistics such as call rate, calls per hour, etc.

Make sure that you monitor your metrics frequently. Give training for agents in the area they lack. For example, for a particular agent, if you see more gatekeeper conversations and very few prospects’ conversations. In that case, that agent needs training on how to deal with gatekeepers.

Subsequently, if you combine the performance monitoring with telemarketing training, you can achieve the heights of success in telemarketing, for sure.

Let’s wrap it up

It’s obvious that practice makes perfect. However, that doesn’t mean you need to practice on wrong things. So, practice the tips quoted above to improve your telemarketing results.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please feel free to let us know.