How to Generate and Close More Leads With Email Marketing

How to Generate and Close More Leads With Email Marketing

Among the numerous marketing techniques that can be used by digital marketers, you should note that email marketing is the most effective.

A $1 investment in email marketing has the power to generate returns valuing $45.

And the main reason for this value addition comes from the comfort level of customers who look at emails as familiar and simple marketing tools.

The universal acceptance of emails is another promising factor that helps marketers to generate more leads.

If you are looking to exploit the power of email marketing, here is a list of do’s and don’ts that you need to know.

Firstly, you should be aware of the things you should not do with email marketing.

Marketers should always play safe by avoiding sending unsolicited emails. Gone are the days when you bought an email list from mailing list companies and email your prospective leads after uploading the list on your CRM platform. Now, with the advancements in email filtering, such emails do not reach your target audience. Additionally, they can also block your ISP. In such cases, your hands will be tied when cannot send an email to any of your leads.

So how should you implement the concept of email marketing?

Marketers should come up with a repository of opt-in prospects and leads which according to them would be interested in a conversation. They should then target these prospects and provide them with unmatched quality content compelling them to sign up for your products or services.

The Responsibilities of a Marketer with Relevance to Email Marketing

The job description of a digital marketer is to come up with various engagement practices so that they can encourage a number of potential customers who are at different points of the buying cycle. They are also expected to provide these leads (prospective customers) with an engaging content of utmost relevance, strictly following the non-invasive method of striking a conversation. If your question is to know the best way to fulfill these two responsibilities, you can rely on a marketing automation software that uncovers the functionality of your online offerings.

Marketing Automation Software – A Potent Means to Generate and Grow Leads

The marketing automation software is a boon to marketers since it allows them to generate email marketing ‘tracks’. According to a layman, a marketing ‘track’ is an assortment of emails that should be sent out to a unique selection of prospective buyers or customers who have expressed a specific interest in your offerings,. Once the software generates these marketing tracks, you are all set to slot your customers into segments and then send out these emails as streams of correspondence.

Let us now move on to the most crucial part and that is to design an email as part of your lead generation strategy.

  1. A Compelling Subject Line Does the Trick

The first thing that catches the attention of your leads is the subject line of your email. Studies indicate that 35% of the readers open emails after getting impressed by the subject line. That means a subject line decides whether readers will proceed to read the body of your email or simply abandon it. So, marketers should strive to improve their headlines. An interesting tip would be to come up with subject lines that address the pain points of your leads. You may also come up with actionable subject lines like “download our e-book”. At times, posing open-ended questions like “Do you want help. How may I help you?” will also work wonders.

  1. Simple and Crisp Content

The mailboxes of your prospects and leads are brimming with emails. In an attempt to allow readers to open your email, marketers should ensure that promotional emails are simple to read, showing up crisp and engaging content.

  1. Replace Text With Images

You may also take the help of images since pictures promise a greater retention when compared to plain text. Hence, your email with images is sure to capture the attention of readers alongside effectively passing on your intended message.

  1. Tap Into The Power of Social Networking Sites

Social networking platforms are one of the top tools to lead generation. You may support your emails with social media links, promoting your products on networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. This can be an effective tip for readers to share your content on the networking platform they are comfortable with.

  1. CTA Can Educate the Readers About Your Offerings

Educating your leads about your products or services is another significant step in email marketing. You should take the assistance of a call-to-action (CTA), allowing them to perform certain activities by using action words like ‘read’, ‘try now’, ‘download and register’. These action words will prompt readers to accomplish your prime motive; to generate and close a lead. Along with these CTA, you should also support your email with the next step that should be taken by your readers.

All the above pointers once implemented can make your email marketing strategies tap into the pool of leads so as to enjoy increased sales.