The Future of Online Shopping - Targeted Audience Ads

The Future of Online Shopping – Targeted Audience Ads

Audience-based buying is in with changed keywords and match types all tilting towards a more audience-centric approach. Looking out for the targeted audience is now a part of any search strategy that is part of a successful marketing campaign.

We have put together some insights into how to properly use specific targeting ingredients to create ‘the’ ad for the specific audience.

Audience targeting with the right ads has never been easy and new lessons have been learned every time a marketing strategy get outdated.

However, every online marketer has realized its power and has been on the hunt to find the perfect ad to place in front of their targeted audience.

Early Days of Search

In the earlier times, keywords and match-types were the most prominent tools used by marketers to find their customers. Keywords helped marketers to find the audience that wanted to buy specific products/services. The match-types worked on the relationship between the query and the keyword.

Today, it is the job of the advertiser to position the right product to the right person at the right time. This obviously is not possible with just keywords to help find the right audience.

Marketing campaigns are now directed to find customers wherever they are at the current moment and not limited to those that are simply engaged with the seller through a search.

Audience Targeting – How It is Changing

As part of the different strategies to find newer and more intelligent methods of personalizing ads, search methods are being refined by the day.

Targeted audiences are being fished out using different methods now: interests, location, demographics, buying behaviour, etc. However, some of the factors that have been missing all the while could be the job title of the individual or the company where employed.

To find out the real audience, ads of the future will necessarily have to know what really motivates them, where their pain-points lie, and why they would want the marketer’s product.

If the marketers are simply trying to solve a selling problem they have at hand, things may not work as they wish they would. This is why search boundaries are being stretched more than ever now.

Microsoft’s new display network is combining AI and Microsoft audience graph which includes all LinkedIn data. This means marketers are going to be able to reach out to specific sets of buyers easily. The differences are going to be as follows:

  • The older search ads used text-based keywords to the target audience. The newest audience ads would be based on images and feeds.
  • In the older methods, the keywords were waiting to be picked by the audience; however, in the new methods, AI would be part of the audience ads which find the buyers.
  • Keywords worked on the basis of algorithms; the new ads would find targeted audiences with predictive analysis and AI.

Audience Ads – Some Characteristics

What are ads of tomorrow going to look like? Given below are some characteristics that audience targeted ads are going to take on.

1. An ad will no longer appear like an ad.

The most relevant ads of today are those that do not interrupt the target audience’s daily lives. Consumers are busier than ever before and interruptions are not what they look forward to.

In the next couple of years, it is predicted that they would expect to get valuable suggestions from sellers based on their needs rather than a push to buy.

This means that search engines will have to use more intelligence and personalization to reach out to the targeted audience. Over time, search engines will grow to be digital assistants that will make relevant purchase recommendations to the buyers.

This is what 85 percent of buyers in the near future (in the next five years) will expect.

Native ads of the future are not going to look like ads at all. The ads will be designed to be more responsive with images that are visually compelling and will blend into the layout of the buyer’s screen no matter on what device they are viewing the ad on.

2. Audience targeted ads will strive to add more value to the customer’s lives

Audience ads will focus on why customers want a specific seller’s products. Most recent research points to the fact that over 50 per cent of young buyers are willing to share certain personal data in exchange for offers and discounts that are personalized.

Whereas the audience was reluctant to share their full name, address or phone number, they were more open to sharing their gender, purchase behaviour, age, email address, etc., in lieu of offers and discounts from companies.

Audience ads will specialize in adding more value to their customers’ lives. It is then that the seller becomes part of their personal story.

3. Audience ads will have visually compelling images

Overall there has been an increase in visual content on all paid media formats. Whereas they started with just a title, a URL and two description lines, they have now evolved to have additional features that include product ads, site links, locations, reviews, image extensions, etc.

The image components that are making the rounds now are paid carousel ads, paid search product ads, and remarketing ads. This evolution with different kinds of visual images is predicted to continue and therefore sellers will now have to build up skills to bring in new concepts with images and text and combine them in a way to connect in a better fashion with the targeted audience.

4. More AI capabilities will be built into audience targeted ads

The audience ads of the future are likely to have more artificial intelligence built into them. As AI becomes more common, the ads will look more at specific targeting rather than specific placement of the ads. It is important to look for ads that have predictive learning inbuilt into them.

5. Sellers will partner with quality ad makers for audience ads

To churn out audience ads that are unobtrusive and visually compelling ads that will inspire the buyer, it is important to partner with high-quality ad makers. Marketers with a long-term vision for their products and services would see this as part of their successful marketing strategy.

The early display pictures got away with it in spite of the fact that many of them lacked the quality and visibility. However, with today’s discerning audience, the ads have to appear in new attractive forms in the different social media for them to hold on.

6. Efficiency will be the mainstay of audience ads

In today’s busy lives, customers demand that they are heard, offered more for their online shopping in terms of automatic filling of forms, standing order facilities, walk-out payments and other customized and personalized discounts.  Efficiency has become a watchword that audience ads will have to play up to last in the online arena.

Final Thoughts

Audience ads are only evolving to become more intelligent to reach out to targeted audiences.  What we have talked of above is not the final layout, but only the next step in the right direction.

The industry will always be on the lookout and evolving continuously to put forth more intelligent, high-quality, and efficient ad formats that will strike the right chord in the minds of the buyers.