Call Tracking Tools for Sales Professionals

12 Free Call Tracking Tools for Sales Professionals

A salesperson needs to book and make calls because a conversation is vital to close sales. This means that the success of these communications is of immense importance. So, why don’t you deploy software solutions that can help boost the outcome of your calling strategies?

There are several ways in which call tracking tools benefit and improve inbound and outbound operations. Inbound call tracking tools align the target audience with particular marketing campaigns by offering a landing page or a specific number. These are further analyzed and passed on to the sales team.

Outbound call tracking tools, on the other hand, enable the salespeople to directly carry out calls. During these calls, notes are internally recorded for the purpose of gathering information.

These calls assist in determining the timeline of an interaction and understanding when it is right to go through a follow-up.

Here is a list of 12 free call tracking tools that help sales professionals improve the performance and outcome of their operations

1. Zoho

An affordable yet robust platform offering the important features you need for tracking leads is the Zoho CRM. The free version does not have all the features but can help you understand the working and functionality of the software.

You get access to basic call automation, customer support, standard reporting, and team collaboration to begin with.

2. CallRail

This is an inbound call tracking tool operating as an analytics platform with information about calls delivered through marketing campaigns. All calls are tracked and recordings are available to evaluate performance quality of reps.

Some of the features of CallRail include – Call Recording, Campaign Tracking, Conversation Intelligence, Google AdWords Integration, Google Analytics Integration, Live Call Monitoring and more.

3. Invoca

The tool allows marketers to analyze calls along with access to other types of intelligence. Invoca allows for the optimization of digital campaigns with the focus on increasing revenue.

Additionally, it enables users to implement A/B testing strategies and enhance the results of search engine optimization. Essential features of Invoca include – Voice Marketing Cloud, Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure, and Signal AI.

4. Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics assists with tracking leads, monitoring them for score quality, tracking conversion data and identifying lead-generating mediums.

The tool allows form submissions, as a result of which, contact information directly reaches the marketing team. Agents can instantly connect with these contacts.

5. PhoneWagon

An automated call tracking software, PhoneWagon does not have any unnecessary features. It is a utilitarian product to track marketing spends. Brands that use this tool can determine which campaigns help to develop quality leads.

6. ActiveDEMAND

This is an integrated software offering features for landing pages, social content, and emails. It allows users to filter leads and identify which are sales-ready.

The inbuilt lead scoring system sends out notifications to the sales team informing them about qualified leads. This way, ActiveDEMAND improves sales efficiency and helps you close more business.

7. Sudo

With its focus on lead acceleration, customer success, data quality, operations, and sales effectiveness, Sudo is an artificial intelligence-powered tool. It analyzes all sorts of communication giving your team a reminder when it is time to respond to an email.

8. ToutApp

ToutApp is an outbound marketing tool. It is developed to help sales reps throughout the sales process – right from their first communication to potential closing. With ToutApp, outbound efforts can be made more efficient.

Users can in real time track email opens, clicks, and engagement. Users have benefitted from the tool’s analytics manager as the effectiveness of messages is enhanced.

9. Kixie

This tool integrates with the database you already have and successfully carries out sales calls. Its features include call logging and one-click dial options. Kixie helps business organizations with follow-up activities and eases international communications.

10. Tellwise

This integrated communication platform takes care of emails, calls, chat, and presentation. It analyzes the target audience to understand who is engaging with you and who is not. It helps improve productivity and revenue.

Moreover, it provides email marketing templates that give you a better idea of how you should communicate with prospects.

11. SalesLoft

This is more of an email tracking software. It notifies the sales team of email opens, clicks and responses so that they can accordingly take action to engage with the recipient.

The useful dashboards analyze patterns to track consumer engagement and carry out one-click dialing for hot leads.

12. DialogTech

The tool has been in existence for over a decade and assists companies in generating more phone leads. It improves ROI and the level of customer satisfaction. Integration with Salesforce is easy and all data is recorded in an efficient and professional manner.


Every business organization needs to make calls for success. Only when you connect with prospects and increase their interest in what you are selling can increase your share of profits and revenues.

With such high level of dependence on successful communication, investing in call tracking tools is recommended for sales professionals.