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Does Cold Calling Still Work

Does Cold Calling Still Work?

Today, several marketing pundits believe that cold calling is archaic, intrusive, and ineffective. This is because the process of cold calling involves contacting prospects without their permission, with the hope that they would take out time to listen to the sales pitch. Individuals are generally considered to not have the

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Call Tracking Tools for Sales Professionals

12 Free Call Tracking Tools for Sales Professionals

A salesperson needs to book and make calls because a conversation is vital to close sales. This means that the success of these communications is of immense importance. So, why don’t you deploy software solutions that can help boost the outcome of your calling strategies? There are several ways in

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10 telemarketing tips for b2b marketers

10 Ways to be a Good Telemarketer

Telemarketing can be quite challenging for a beginner. There is a constant fear that prospects will be rude or will put down the phone the minute they get a chance to do so. There is a worry that you’ll get confused without having an answer to the question asked by

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Build a High-Performing Telemarketing Team

How to Build a High-Performing Telemarketing Team

Every business organization is trying to make their telemarketing team more productive. This is primarily because it leads to more sales, more revenues, and more profits. While we all know incentives, training, and motivation are techniques to improve a team’s performance, there is a lot more than you can do

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Business Intelligence Transforms Call Centre Industry

What is Business Intelligence & How it Transforms Call Centre Industry

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-based process for the analysis and presentation of data. It prepares the right information that assists managers in making informed business decisions. Business intelligence tools, applications, and methodologies are of several kinds. In an organizational setup, these tools collect data from internal and external sources.

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What is the Job Description of a Telemarketing Executive

Telemarketing is channel of marketing that is used to collect leads, convert them, follow-up with current customers or carry out pre-sales efforts. Some of the other marketing channels are digital marketing, field marketing, email marketing, print advertising etc. Considering that 80% of sales require more than five follow-ups, it is

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Improve Your Telemarketing Results

How to Improve Your Telemarketing Results

Telemarketing isn’t an easy job. The higher you go up the corporate chain of command, the harder it gets the chance to accomplish the results. Thus, anything you can do to improve the performance is beneficial. Furthermore, there are a couple of things you can do to essentially improve your

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Small Businesses can Take Advantage of Call Center Services

How Small Businesses can Take Advantage of Call Center Services

Any business organization needs a business idea, working capital, infrastructure, and logistics. However, with the increasing competition in today’s market where each brand is trying to snatch its competitor’s share, it is important to relook at the list of business essentials and analyze whether they are enough or is there

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Must have technologies to provide amazing call centre services

20 Must Have Technologies to Provide Amazing Call Centre Services

Offering outstanding customer service is an integral part of call centres, regardless of whether they are focused on inbound calls, outbound calls, chats, or social media communications. Technologies can serve the various needs of the organization and can play an integral part in the performance of the call centres. We

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Advantages of Call Center Outsourcing

Top 12 Advantages of Call Center Outsourcing

Setting up an in-house call center requires significant investment, several fixed and varied costs, and a dedicated workforce. This involvement in different spheres of the operation can distract your focus from core business activities. As a result, an increasing number of companies have realized that keeping these operations in-house is

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