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Business Intelligence Transforms Call Centre Industry

What is Business Intelligence & How it Transforms Call Centre Industry

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-based process for the analysis and presentation of data. It prepares the right information that assists managers in making informed business decisions. Business intelligence tools, applications, and methodologies are of several kinds. In an organizational setup, these tools collect data from internal and external sources.

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What is the Job Description of a Telemarketing Executive

Telemarketing is channel of marketing that is used to collect leads, convert them, follow-up with current customers or carry out pre-sales efforts. Some of the other marketing channels are digital marketing, field marketing, email marketing, print advertising etc. Considering that 80% of sales require more than five follow-ups, it is

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Improve Your Telemarketing Results

How to Improve Your Telemarketing Results

Telemarketing isn’t an easy job. The higher you go up the corporate chain of command, the harder it gets the chance to accomplish the results. Thus, anything you can do to improve the performance is beneficial. Furthermore, there are a couple of things you can do to essentially improve your

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Small Businesses can Take Advantage of Call Center Services

How Small Businesses can Take Advantage of Call Center Services

Any business organization needs a business idea, working capital, infrastructure, and logistics. However, with the increasing competition in today’s market where each brand is trying to snatch its competitor’s share, it is important to relook at the list of business essentials and analyze whether they are enough or is there

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Must have technologies to provide amazing call centre services

20 Must Have Technologies to Provide Amazing Call Centre Services

Offering outstanding customer service is an integral part of call centres, regardless of whether they are focused on inbound calls, outbound calls, chats, or social media communications. Technologies can serve the various needs of the organization and can play an integral part in the performance of the call centres. We

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Advantages of Call Center Outsourcing

Top 12 Advantages of Call Center Outsourcing

Setting up an in-house call center requires significant investment, several fixed and varied costs, and a dedicated workforce. This involvement in different spheres of the operation can distract your focus from core business activities. As a result, an increasing number of companies have realized that keeping these operations in-house is

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Improve Your Call Centre Monitoring Practices

Top 8 Ways to Improve Your Call Centre Monitoring Practices

Do you have a large team under you? As a call centre manager are you wondering how to improvise your call centre monitoring? This article will give you some ideas to help you improve your monitoring practices. Call centre monitoring is one of the innovative measures that call centres can

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Telemarketing Fuels Personalized Marketing

How Telemarketing Fuels Personalized Marketing

Technology has given marketers so many ways to reach out to their target market. From social media to emailing list each marketer must use a mix of channels to succeed. Telemarketing is however a personalized channel anyone can use. In fact, it is second only to face-to-face direct marketing. Should

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Call Monitoring and Call Scoring

15 Advantages of Call Monitoring and Call Scoring

Call center managers are excessively using call monitoring and call scoring tools to improve the efficiency of their quality control processes. The use of these techniques helps extract qualitative as well as quantitative data that is vital for optimizing call center practices.Call monitoring is extremely helpful and effective at ensuring

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Create a Telemarketing Campaign for B2B Lead Generation

How to Create a Telemarketing Campaign for B2B Lead Generation

Businesses are extensively investing their time and effort in developing social media marketing campaigns. In fact, embracing the traditional marketing methods may now seem retroactive. However, telemarketing is still a reliable means of connecting with potential buyers and developing a personal relationship with them. While social media may have emerged

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