20 Business Promotional Ideas to Increase Sales

As competition increases, businesses struggle to identify new and effective promotional ideas. They need interesting ways to reach out to the right target audience.

The differentiating factor between success and failure lies in promotion – as simple as that. How do you inform people about your products and services? How well are you able to convey your message to them?

Sometimes a good idea is all that is required to break through the clutter. Here are 20 ways in which you can give your business a promotional boost

1. A Sale

Organize a sale with your exclusive product range. At this sale, you can offer a holiday or any other form of discount. You can give a preference to your existing customers or keep offers for the general public.

But just remember not to overdo the idea of a sale as customers can tend to wait for sales and not buy products at the regular prices.

2. A Contest

Encourage customers to enter a contest when they buy your products for the first time. Or give your products as a prize for different contests being organized by other small businesses.

Remember that the theme of the contest must be around your product and service. The name of your brand must be highlighted well.

3. Giveaways

Pick a key location where you know the footfall is high. Give product samples, promotional products with your brand logo, and other demos. This allows people to know more about your brand and identify with it in the future.

4. Frequent Shopper Cards

Give a shoppers card to your existing and regular customers. This entitles them to a free product or a discount or an exclusive launch when they have attained a basic number of points. Frequent shopper cards give customers a sense of association with the brand.

5. Targeted Group Discounts

Identify certain relevant business groups, events or associations where you can offer discount cards. These groups must be your specific target audience. For instance, if you are a travel company, you could offer travel discounts and special packages to corporate organizations.

6. Trade-Ins

Trade-ins have an interesting impact on the target audience. Allow customers to exchange their old products for a discount on the latest products.

7. Display

Showcase your products in a unique way. Arrange them in a huge pyramid, or create an interesting shape that attracts the attention of the target group. If there is a window, play with the mannequin display using interesting objects and products.

8. Free Shipping

The term ‘free’ always does its work. It is attractive and helps to connect the customer with the brand. Free shipping comes across as a reasonable discount and will always hold a special place in the customer’s shopping experience.

9. EMI and Payment Plans

If purchasing big-ticket products is made easier with convenient payment options, chances of customers choosing your brand are higher.

10. Referral Discount

Referral discounts help with word-of-mouth promotions. They get people to talk about your products and services. Encourage customers to spread the word about your brand and it will serve the purpose of promotions for you.

11. Package Offers

Create bundles of low-selling products with popular ones. When a customer gets more for less, it excites them to buy more and helps you get rid of your idle inventory.

12. Upsell

Highlight profitable and expensive products. Give them a special shelf space with details on why they are better and how they solve the customer’s problem.

13. Cross-sell

Customers tend to repeat purchases if they are happy with the first one. Set out complimentary products tempting them to increase cart size.

14. Coupons

Add coupons to various forms of advertising and marketing efforts. Include them in coupon books, email them, or display them on hoardings in high-traffic areas. Send them with brochures and pamphlets to encourage first-time sales.

15. Upgrades

Inform customers of upgrades and how they can avail this opportunity to make their existing product better.

16. After-Sales Service or Replacements

Evaluate your product’s lifecycle and understand when the time for a replacement or service can arise. Get in touch with your customer when you feel it is the right time and proactively offer after-sale services.

17. Guarantee

A warranty or guarantee establishes confidence in customers. They know that you will be there to help them in the future.

18. Easy Return Policy

Customers are willing to take the risk of purchase if they know that an easy return policy exists. This way, your brand will be preferred over those that do not allow for an easy return policy.

19. Free Trial

Give a free trial so that customers can connect with your brand and understand your product better without spending money.

20. Business Card Coupon

Print a coupon card on the backside of your business card. This will encourage people you meet to make a purchase.

There are several other ways in which you can promote your products and increase sales. You can also opt for some quirky ideas on social media to position your brand away from the competition.