Build a High-Performing Telemarketing Team

How to Build a High-Performing Telemarketing Team

Every business organization is trying to make their telemarketing team more productive. This is primarily because it leads to more sales, more revenues, and more profits. While we all know incentives, training, and motivation are techniques to improve a team’s performance, there is a lot more than you can do to accelerate the outcome of your contact center. Check it out:

1. Introduce a blueprint

One of the most effective ways to improve the performance of a telemarketing team is by introducing a blueprint strategy. A blueprint is different from a script. A script can break the flow of a conversation since it deviates from the expectations of the customer. A script entails particular terms and phrases that may not always match with the context of the dialogue.

A blueprint, on the other hand, outlines a call structure with the basic checkpoints for the agent. The telemarketing executive must begin with pre-calling planning, ensuring that the objectives have been listed out. Then, they must have an understanding of what they are selling and why the customer needs it.

Additionally, the agent must have a clear idea of how they will introduce the brand and create an interest towards it. They must prepare effective questions to engage with the target audience.

2. Adopt a Pull Communication Style

Some agents take about 4 minutes to schedule an appointment while the others need a lot more. Why? There are two different styles of communication. If an agent shares details about various products and their usage, it is the push style of communication.

On the other hand, if the agent leads the conversation by asking relevant questions, it is a pull communication style. Such questions help to directly reach the answer.

The pull communication style ensures that there is no waste of time and only the necessary information is collected. This includes questions like ‘where are you located’, ‘are you available during the evenings or more yes/no type questions’.

With such a communication style, you don’t need to give the customer plenty of options and then wait for them to come up with a decision. You collect the required information and suggest solutions based on customer requirements and experience.

3. Give Sufficient Wrap Time

Some telemarketing teams focus on time-based metrics. This means that they pressure agents during wrap time and the shift from one call to another is really quick. Notes from the previous call are not even complete whilst they begin to greet the next caller.

 As a consequence, the first 20 seconds of the conversation are not heard. They mostly do not understand the customers’ actual mood, personality, and demographics.

In fact, in certain worst situations, agents miss out on important information. Prospects get agitated if they have to repeat the same. So, always remember to give telemarketing executives the right wrap time allowing them to be absolutely productive during the call.

4. Take Lead

Certain phrases like ‘in a moment’ give the customer a heads up and ensure that your call goes through well. It saves time and improves the overall productivity of the call.

For instance, if you say, “In a moment, I will share the product code with you, for which, you will need a pen”, the customer will understand that they need to note down something and should arrange for the same. They will not tell you to hold the call and start looking for some writing paper.

Using such key phrases and terms enable you to control the call and take lead. You guide the customer through it giving maximum satisfaction.

5. Allow Work From Home

Telemarketing advisors who work from home perform better than those sitting in a centralized location. When the demand at a job is high and control is low, human psychology tends to get stressed. This is one of the most important reasons impacting productivity.

Agents working from home have better control of what they are doing. They feel trusted and take responsibility willingly. Productivity also increases tremendously when advisors are home-based.

A Final Thought

A high-performing telemarketing team is no longer a dream. There’s quite a lot that you can do to improve their productivity. The above-mentioned tips are some of the basic strategies that you can implement apart from the regular motivation and team-building activities.

So, set out and see how you can make a difference in the overall performance of your telemarketing team.