Build Customer Trust

How to Build Customer Trust

It’s a common psychology that people don’t buy from brands that they don’t trust. Your brand needs to build the trust of customers to purchase from you. Brand’s messages should sound genuine.

What you convey should match up with what you are selling, and also if anything happens to it, you need to make believe that you will support it.

The challenge is that you cannot acquire the customer’s trust that easily or through any tricks. Even, so many major companies have lost customer trust and working hard to regain it.

So, there is no wonder why customers usually go into a defensive mode when someone tries to push sales to them. You cannot force customers to trust your brand by promoting through numerous advertisements.

Rather than that, you can gain customer’s trust genuinely and naturally. Wondering how? Follow the tips given below:

1. Enhance your site’s security

In the process of building up trust with your customers, it is crucial that you ensure your customers feel safe whenever they are shopping with you. Regardless of whether you are offering your items through e-commerce site or not, customers will definitely go through your website.

At that time, they need to feel safe which is a critical factor in determining how much customers trust your brand.

For instance, if you constantly spam the customers with your ads or a complex checkout process which is hard for them to follow, customers may assume that your site is unsafe.

Therefore, amplify your security with essential SSL protection; implement trusted payment options, and proudly display your site’s trust seal – as trust seal helps in increasing customer trust.

2. Be active on social media

Make sure that your brand is active on social media because it can help you a lot in achieving your customer’s trust. When your brand is active on social media, your visibility also increases which in turn can attract more followers.

You will also able to see that the followers you attracted have a better idea and feeling of “what” actually is your brand. The more you do this, the more you will gain customer’s trust.

One of the plus points you have, when you are active on social media is, that you have the flexibility to work out your ideas.

You can decide how much time is needed for managing online content, posting images or videos, spend time with previous or new followers, updating customers with new news and information. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that – you need to be always active on social media.

3. Promise less and deliver more

Nowadays, customers don’t trust brands that much as they used to do. The reason behind is that they have a feeling that they have been lied to.

If customers feel that they have been cheated or manipulated by fake promises, the customers will definitely go away from that the brand responsible for it.

Considering the customer expectations, the best practice is to promise less and deliver more. In the event, if it takes 7-8 days to transport an item, tell your customers that it takes two weeks.

If your product will last for 10 years, claim that it will last for 8 years. Thus, you will never risk breaking your promise and will be delivering more.

4. Provide outstanding customer service

Customers lose trust in your brand when they encounter an issue with any of your product or services. However, if they receive prompt and helpful customer support for their problems, they will consider you everlastingly as a dependable brand.

If your customer service fails, you will definitely lose a customer forever and eventually will experience a dip in your reputation.

Don’t go behind a most cost-effective approach to solve an issue, but ensure that your customers feel heard and cared. Make a special effort to make your customers cheerful.

5. Personalize your brand’s marketing strategies

This approach will help not only in advertising and marketing but also in usual interactions with customers.

Try not to use scripts and robotic responses; rather, encourage your representatives to talk from the heart, and connect with clients honestly.

This small change influences your brand’s image to appear to be more human than corporate. Also, this can dramatically change customer’s impression of you and can eventually improve things.

6. Communicate more and be transparent

Never leave your customers in the dark. In spite of the fact that there is such a mind-bending concept as over-communication, the more you talk with customers, the better. This is particularly valid in the case if you are a marketer and is working with one-on-one customers.

Be transparent and open about your objectives and processes, and if something turns out badly, recognize the mistake proactively.

If you are neglecting the communication side of the relationship, the trust you have been building so far can diminish easily.

7. Always be accessible

It’s crucial that your brand has to be always accessible, especially for the people who need it. On landing pages, include your telephone number, or better a chat box which can help you in increasing your conversion rate.

It is because customers feel supported knowing that they can chat with somebody whenever they want to.

8. Value your customers

A customer can sense when they are only a “sales target to achieve;” however, they may still purchase from you as they believe that your product solves their problem. This approach doesn’t build a long-term trust or will bring back more sales.

If you need your customers to have a long-term trust or relationship with your brand, you should really trust that relationship building is essential. Also, you should believe that you genuinely have something of significant worth to offer to the relationship.

9. Maintain an open mind attitude

In case if you are totally convinced that the customer needs your product, the customer will easily understand that you are close-minded and they also turn out to be close-minded.

Rather, be conscious that the customer might choose some other brand. If you become open-minded, the customers will easily understand that you have got something valuable to offer to them.

10. Be consistent

A customer can trust your brand if you can demonstrate the customer that your behaviour is consistent and constant over the long run. At the point when a customer can predict your behaviour, that customer will probably believe you.

A consistent brand helps to increase the value of your organization by strengthening your position in the marketplace. Also, it can attract potential customers with higher consistency standards and increase the expected value of your products and services.

The following are the building blocks of a consistent brand:

  • Brand’s message: Your brand message has to be a reflection of your actions and behaviour. The overall tone of your brand also plays an important factor in your message. So, concentrate on the image you are developing.
  • Design: Images on your logo, website, print materials and social networks should contain consistent images. This is a simple method to build trust with customers.
  • Brand’s delivery: The way you communicate and treat your customers delivers the brand experience.

Final Thoughts

Building trust won’t happen quickly and easily; however, these 10 strategies can get you headed the correct way. From that point, your most important strategy will be the consistency.

When you become more consistent with your brand personality, customer service and your products and services, the existing customers will become more loyal and the brand’s reputation will grow stronger.

Trust is a result of a promise of quality and excellence. In the event when you can deliver right results to the right audience over the long run, customers will accept and trust in your brand’s products and services.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear you.