10 telemarketing tips for b2b marketers

10 Ways to be a Good Telemarketer

Telemarketing can be quite challenging for a beginner. There is a constant fear that prospects will be rude or will put down the phone the minute they get a chance to do so. There is a worry that you’ll get confused without having an answer to the question asked by

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b2b lead generation tactics

10 Effective Lead Generation Tactics that B2B Startups Use

Updating to new technologies and tactics for the purpose of lead generation can be challenging for B2B startups as they do not have the necessary budgets. They have to identify new ways for the right growth in leads. This can make or break the future of a B2B company since

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Good B2B Lead Generation Compan

Is There Such Thing as a Good B2B Lead Generation Company?

The goal of a lead generation company is to identify leads from a database of prospects and then qualify them through outreach. A lead once qualified is then shared with the sales team, who is responsible for nurturing it. The services offered by different lead generation companies vary. Some limit

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