B2B Marketing Trends

15 B2B Marketing Trends that Marketers Need to Understand in 2018

Just like in 2017, the year 2018 is also expected to see an evolution in B2B marketing trends. While previous year trends continue to prevail, the time has come to witness some new additions. Here’s a look at 15 B2B marketing trends that marketers need to focus in 2018: 1.

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Overcome Sales Objections

10 Ways to Overcome Sales Objections

“We like your products/services but….” Heard that often? The most challenging aspect of closing a sale is handling what the prospective customers say after the word, but. These sales objections come in between you and the conversion. What are sales objections? Objections are not always negative. Sometimes they are a

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10 telemarketing tips for b2b marketers

10 Ways to be a Good Telemarketer

Telemarketing can be quite challenging for a beginner. There is a constant fear that prospects will be rude or will put down the phone the minute they get a chance to do so. There is a worry that you’ll get confused without having an answer to the question asked by

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