Customer Acquisition Strategies

12 Successful Customer Acquisition Strategies For Businesses

Businesses often struggle to develop a marketing strategy that helps to acquire new customers. A solid customer acquisition approach is a must and in its absence, business growth is a serious battle. However, that said, one of the most challenging parts of developing any business is actually identifying the channel

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B2B Sales Call Blueprint

10 Ways To Create A Successful B2B Sales Call Blueprint

A sales call blueprint or script is an essential when it comes to selling a product or service. It shouldn’t make a B2B sale call look structured and made up, but make it a conversation. If you’re making a cold call, you need to have a blueprint of what you

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call center outsourcing

10 Guidelines For Effective Call Centre Outsourcing

A call centre is the face of your business. Your customers contact you through the call centre. For example you are running a hotel and have outsourced your calls; your customers will be contacting you through the call centre. So it is important to carefully choose the call centre that

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