Sell Like a Pro Using LinkedIn

How to Sell Like a Pro Using LinkedIn

The impact of cold calls is dying. To sell like a pro, leverage the power of LinkedIn today! With the emergence of social media, the role of a salesperson has completely changed. Social selling is the new buzz. The process of sale begins with an online introduction to the product.

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Business Intelligence Transforms Call Centre Industry

What is Business Intelligence & How it Transforms Call Centre Industry

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-based process for the analysis and presentation of data. It prepares the right information that assists managers in making informed business decisions. Business intelligence tools, applications, and methodologies are of several kinds. In an organizational setup, these tools collect data from internal and external sources.

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Outbound Marketing Strategies

11 Types of Outbound Marketing Strategies [Infographics]

Is there a way for businesses to inform the target audience about its new products or services? As you might know, this particular question became the topic for many brainstorming sessions and led to the evolution of marketing field as a whole. Usually businesses maintain a marketing team to develop

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