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15 Best Tools For Generating High-Quality B2B Sales Leads

With the rapid growth of online networking and social networking, increasing your customer base can be a challenge. Your company needs to have an active campaign that can efficiently make the most of every opportunity available. Here is a list of some of the best tools that you can use to create a system that generates high-quality B2B sales leads:

  1. Salesforce

A leader in the industry of cloud-based customer relationship management, Salesforce allows the different teams of sales, marketing, and customer service to find, convert and engage with potential business leads.

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  1. Leadformly

Your lead capture form plays an important role in turning visitors into customers. Minor improvements made to your form can significantly impact your overall conversion rate and help you achieve your marketing goals.


Leadformly makes it easier for brands to build lead generation forms that have high conversation rates.


  1. Intercom Acquire

This is an exciting lead-generation tool. Intercom allows you to directly engage with your website visitors. You can pre-set instructions for messages that will be displayed when certain criteria are met. For instance, if a visitor is on the pricing page and has spent more than 60 seconds, a message with the following text can be displayed.

Intercom Acquire

Hey there! Can I assist you with anything related to the pricing?

A sales representative or operator can then take care of the queries shared by the visitor or even jump on to a video call to help the visitor complete the purchase. The power of Intercom is extremely wonderful because it not only helps you to generate leads but through direct communication, it also helps you to gather data and feedback from your own website.

  1. Leadfeeder

Identifying those who visit your website is important since you then know how they can best be converted to happy clients. Using Google Analytics, Leadfeeder helps you know potential businesses that you need to engage with for direct B2B sales.


  1. BRAND24

BRAND24 gives information on what people are saying about your company and your products and services. It monitors your social media platforms through the web and mobile-based portals and gives real-time inputs concerned with your brand.


  1. HubSpot

Your sales and marketing team must know what to do when in order to convert leads into satisfied customers. This means that you need to track the entire marketing process, understand the loopholes and know where you lose the customer as a result of improper communication or an ineffective marketing strategy.


HubSpot helps you optimize current leads and generate the right results. Additionally, it gives you the information required to understand which of your lead-generation programs is successful. This will eventually help you to develop the most cost-effective and efficient campaign for generating B2B leads.

  1. ActiveCampaign

Your email marketing and CRM solutions play a key role in capturing and converting leads. If you are unable to appropriately segment your leads, you have lost half the battle of converting the leads.


ActiveCampaign enables you to track every action that a user takes on your website and then use it as triggers for an email marketing campaign. This means that your sales team knows when a visitor arrives on your website, and when is it time to nurture an email campaign and reach out to cold leads.

  1. Datanyze

Datanyze is a tool developed for software and technology companies. It captures information about the technology being used by customers and helps you identify prospects on the basis of the same.


  1. Google Keyword Planner

A good search engine ranking can be achieved for your website by using relevant keywords on your landing pages, product descriptions, and blogs. These high-ranking keywords can be identified with Google Keyword Planner. You must use these keywords on your web copy and potentially increase the number of leads visiting your website.

Google Keyword Planner

  1. Google Trends

Google Trends help you understand what people are actively interested in. It enables you to develop engaging social media posts and attract the attention of the target audience. A well shared post can drive more traffic to your website as compared to a post that is not relevant to the current trends. Google Trends may not be a focused tool for lead generation but any good marketer will keep the tool on hand to create good content.

Google Trends

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn offers a great tool to capture leads, especially for B2B sales. Apart from receiving recommendations and information about who’s viewed your profile, this tool makes it easy for you to save your leads’ data directly on the CRM.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  1. Bontact

Lead generation these days has become tougher because of the various platforms available for B2B and B2C communication. Bontact helps to remove such challenges by creating a single platform for all forms of communication – text, voice, messaging, and web chat. Brands do not have to stress about managing different platforms at the same time.


  1. Hoovers

Hoovers claims to be the ‘largest single source of business information’ across the web. So, if you are looking for personalized leads that are filtered on the basis of your requirements, Hoovers is the best place to checkout.


  1. PadiAct

This tool enables you to specify what kind of website visitors should leave their email address. Since lead generation is filtered, chances of a purchase from those who sign up are much more. You can also use the tool’s tracker to evaluate how well your email subscription list is growing.


  1. Speedlancer

When no other tool works for you, a skilled team of freelancers is the best. t has an experienced team of professionals who are ready to extract the leads you need for your company’s success. Talk about your requirements with their staff members and discover how easy it can get to collect the contact information you require for your sales targets.



Bringing it all together

While you can use any of these lead generation tools for your business, a good marketer will always carefully track the results of each of the efforts. If you are able to potentially increase the number of leads you receive, you have selected the right tool and if not, it is time to explore another tool.