Examples Illustrating the Power of B2B Influencer Marketing

11 Examples Illustrating the Power of B2B Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategy that every marketer wants to try in 2018. For those who are new to the term, influencer marketing is leveraging popular social media users and digital influencers to spread the word on your products and services.

It’s a profitable strategy considering that it costs 3 to 13 times less than what marketers expect to pay. According to a study by Nielsen and TapInfluence, it also generates 11 times higher returns compared to traditional strategies.

Many B2C companies have seen huge success with influencer marketing. Start-ups such as Daniel Wellington, a Swedish watch brand, are using influencer marketing to reach massive audience.

But, what about of B2B marketing? We give you 11 examples of B2B influencer marketing campaign that prove influencer marketing is just as effective in business environment.

  1. IBM with Gaurav Gupta

IBM paired up with fashion designer Gaurav Gupta to promote their Artificial Intelligence platform Watson.

The colour changing sari was unveiled at Vogue women of the year awards. The designer created world’s first AI inspired Sari that changed colour according to each winner’s personality.

IBM got a lot of brand and news coverage because of this innovative influencer collaboration.

  1. Microsoft with National Geographic

Microsoft worked with adventure photographers to promote women working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines.

Microsoft featured 30 photos of inspiring women adventurers and scientist on National Geographic’s Instagram channels on International Women’s Day 2017.

11 Examples Illustrating the Power of B2B Influencer Marketing

Partnering with National Geographic got massive audience engagement with the photos getting over 3.5 million likes in a day!

  1. SAP at Sapphire conference

SAP is a market leader in providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for businesses. Their annual Sapphire Conference brings together software industry experts and users who exchange knowledge and network.

SAP decided to leverage influencer marketing in the 2016 Sapphire Conference. They broadcasted interview with key influencers on Facebook Live.

This gave viewers a peek into the event and an opportunity to interact with influencers.

  1. Video Fruit and Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most used forms of influencer marketing. A guest blog by popular influencer can boost traffic to business sites while also giving the blogger reach to a new audience.

Video Fruit founder, Bryn Harris saw a 500% increase in traffic after his guest blog in OkDork site. 215 of those even subscribed to VideoFruit.

This shows that influencer marketing doesn’t always have to be out of the box fancy campaign. Sometimes a simple guest blog with the right partner will do the trick.

  1. American Express on Love My Store campaign

American Express worked with Instagram celebrities to promote their Platinum used by managers and executives.

The celebrities depicting the high-spending lifestyle and frequently travel were carefully picked to match the brand message.

These influencers posted about platinum card privileges and special access to events that it allowed.

11 Examples Illustrating the Power of B2B Influencer Marketing

Matching brand values with your influencers is a key takeaway of this campaign.

  1. Top Rank promoting Content Marketing Conference

Top Rank, a digital marketing agency developed content with the help of 40 marketing industry influencers. They asked each influencer to share their advice for aspiring content marketers.

The result was turned into blog posts, interview format and e-book. This content was used to promote the 2014 Content Marketing Conference and was a huge success. The e-book was viewed 200,000 times in 2014 alone.

  1. GE ‘s recruitment drive

GE partnered with Lena Dunham to encourage women to take up technology jobs. The interview with the women centric influencer was covered women in media and technology sector and GE’s support for women employees.

This is a campaign that focused on just one influencer to rope in the right kind of audience rather than involving many celebrities.

  1. PWC and the #BallotBreifcase

PWC has been working at the Oscar awards for the past 83 years and decided it was time to let the world know their association with the prestigious awards in 2016.

They launched a campaign #BallotBreifcase and personified the briefcase that carries the 2016 Oscar ballot nominations. The briefcase was given an account on SnapChat and travelled across US as a celebrity.

The arrival of #BallotBreifcase in each city created lot of excitement and buzz. It increased visibility for PwC as well. The employees promoted the campaign which was eventually picked up by external influencers also.

11 Examples Illustrating the Power of B2B Influencer Marketing

  1. Time Warner Business Class

Your best advocates are your satisfied customer. Time Warner Business Class decided to leverage their customer as influencers for their business. Customer testimonials always work better because people know that they are genuine and are not being paid for.

  1. Cisco Champion Program

Cisco, a leader in communication and networking technology, actively works with a community of IT advocates. They are given the title of ‘Cisco Champions’ along with access to exclusive event invitations, product knowledge and incentives.

Cisco’s investment in a community of influencers paid off well with over 55,000 tweets and 8,000 mentions in social media.

  1. Landis+Gyr

Another great set of influencers for your business are your employees. They design the product, make and are passionate about it.

Landis+Gyr, an energy sector player, leveraged their digitally active employees to spread the message about innovation at the company and customer focus value. This resulted in over 1500 engagements and 1800 content shares.

Let’s wrap it up

These examples prove that influencer marketing can be just as effective in a B2B setup. Influencers are advocates for your brand and can be customers, employees, industry experts or players from a totally different sector.

Partnering with the right influencer is one of the most profitable marketing strategies.