10 telemarketing tips for b2b marketers

10 Ways to be a Good Telemarketer

Telemarketing can be quite challenging for a beginner. There is a constant fear that prospects will be rude or will put down the phone the minute they get a chance to do so.

There is a worry that you’ll get confused without having an answer to the question asked by the prospect. There is anxiousness on becoming tongue tied just at the crucial moment.

Professional B2B telemarketing is a productive way to generate leads and sales. Therefore, the need for good telemarketers is high. Here are 10 ways in which you can enhance your telemarketing skills and ensure that you have all the pre-requisites for success:

1. Don’t come across as a telemarketer

Prospects do not appreciate scripted calls. If you use over-rehearsed lines and the usual style of conversation, chances that you will get a positive response are low.

Good telemarketers use a comfortable and relaxed conversation style. Their language is natural, interesting, and engaging. Try to soften your initial approach as this is the background for future dialogue.

2. Focus on the numbers

A prospect will never walk up to you and ring your bell. It is you who has to reach out to them via a call. Spend your day in making several calls so that you have some that work in your favour. Focus on the number of calls you make per day and try not to get distracted.

In the case of B2B telemarketing, a good rule of thumb is to call 100 prospects in 7 hours of a day. However, do not forget about quality. If you are having long and engaging conversations, target 70 calls for the day.

3. Planning

Preparation is crucial in activities where data is used. Bad data can ruin the outcome of your telemarketing efforts. This means that pre-planning is extremely vital. You must identify and refine your target market in a way that you only reach out to those that are of value.

4. Have a clear purpose

While scripts are a bad idea, you do need to know why you are calling and what is it that you are offering to the prospect. Why should they spend their time talking to you?

How are you going to be beneficial? Why should they listen to you if they already have a supplier for the same service you provide?

Keep the answers for such questions ready and don’t just make them up on the spot. Research on the kind of questions prospects can have and prepare your answers for the same.

5. Train yourself

Even if you possess all the skills in telemarketing, expert guidance and techniques can help. Salespeople love to talk but some skills do not come naturally. There are several aspects that go into an effective cold call. With the help of training, the likelihood of success can tremendously increase.

6. Be resilient to rejection

Telemarketing brings in incidents of rejection. It is not necessary that every prospect will answer the call and engage in a conversation. Good telemarketers must be ready to accept rejection and focus on the goals.

Move on to the next potential customer if the first one let you down. After all, the next prospect does not know what happened with you on the previous call. So, brush yourself up and start afresh.

7. Manage objections

Some of the best telemarketers have probably heard the maximum number of ‘Nos’. But the good thing is that they have embraced these objections. They don’t let such objections lower their morale.

Work out the best answers for such conversations and prepare necessary answers. Objections are a part and parcel of your job and you should be ready for them. This way you will never derail from your long-term progress.

8. Establish momentum

A combination of good systems and good data improve call efficiency. Just like we shared that telemarketing is a game of numbers, it is also a game of call-backs. If you are making a good number of calls for a reasonable amount of time, you will get warm call-backs.

These callbacks can be from prospects who are expecting a follow-up or those who need a contract renewal. Continuous efforts definitely lead to a momentum developing your sales pipeline.

9. Stay motivated

Prospects don’t like talking to telemarketers who are dull. It is difficult but you need to remain positive and upbeat on the phone. That is the only way prospects will engage with you.

Every call is a unique opportunity and only if you are motivated can you pass on the motivation to the prospect. Begin each call on a positive note so that the speakers are encouraged to continue talking to you.

10. Ask questions

This skill is often overlooked by salespeople but is extremely vital. Top level telemarketers ensure that their conversation is a mix of open and closed questions.

They develop an interest while yielding information from the prospect. They drive the conversation in a manner that the prospect speaks more and there are chances of a discussion.

The above skills and tips are just some ways in which you can be a good telemarketer. There are of course many more that you need to focus upon, however, these can lay a good foundation. You cannot see results overnight but with sustained efforts and some devotion, you will be able to see a steady improvement.