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10 Simple Ways to Increase Sales Leads | ArshCorp

Most business organizations spend months focused on increasing the traffic on their website. However, generating traffic is only half the task. The real challenge is to convert these visitors into sales leads and that is only possible if you have attractive offers, convincing lead generation campaigns, and effective calls-to-action.

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Here are 10 ways that will help you increase conversions and ultimately earn profits:

  1. Position your Calls-To-Action well

The placement of your call-to-action button is critical. It does its best if it is situated ‘above the fold’ – the space on your webpage that can be viewed without scrolling down. As per heat map analysis, 50% of the visitors do not even view the content that is ‘below the fold’. This means that you are in a way doubling impressions and significantly improving the number of website leads by placing the CTA button at the right place.

  1. Highlight your Offer

The offer in your CTA must be clear for the visitors to understand. It should be as specific as it can get. For example, if you are offering a free guide, simply writing ‘Download Now’ would not be that compelling. It should say something like ‘Download the Guide to get X’. The visitor must clearly understand what benefit he/she would get on availing the offer.

  1. Use Images instead of Text

Images are more attractive in comparison to text. They are capable of attracting the visitor and conveying much more than what you would have been able to using textual content. Images may have a little display of the product you are selling or the offer you are providing in large fonts.

  1. Focus on the Color Scheme

Your CTA must stand out. Your website designer may not like the idea but you must use contrasting colors on your calls-to-action to catch the eyeballs of the customer. CTAs must not blend with the background of your website.

  1. Link the CTA to a corresponding landing page

This might sound obvious but there are a lot of websites that miss on it. The calls-to-action aren’t links and this frustrates the visitor since they do not know where to go. They cannot understand how and where they must avail the offer. So, make sure you check the CTA five times and have a corresponding landing page linked to it.

  1. Match the Landing Page to the CTA Link

Your calls-to-action and the headline of the landing page must be consistent. A lot of times users click on the link for a ‘free trial’ but are redirected to a page with a catch. Visitors here tend to lose their trust. Another situation in which users tend to lose their interest is when the headline reads something else and the CTA something else. Visitors get confused and do not understand if they have taken the right action.

  1. Use the Most Relevant Pages for the CTA

While it is important to have the CTA on the homepage, it is equally important to have the CTA on other relevant pages. If you offer different products and services, you might have a different offer on all of those. Place the CTAs on each of these pages with a link to their appropriate offer. This will help to generate more sales leads and attract more customers based on their interests.

  1. Include the CTA in each blog post

Content is important to generate traffic on your website. A blog post with high-quality content can attract the reader’s attention but in order to generate sales, you must have a relevant offer with it. Add a call-to-action button at the bottom of the blog post and see how people tend to respond. Offers with more information such as eBooks, and webinars do extremely well here since people are eager to read more content for free.

  1. Check the positioning of the form

The form must also be placed well on your website. It must be ‘above the fold’ to ensure that users and visitors do not miss it. They would know that they are expected to fill out their information through the form and they would do exactly the same.

  1. Keep the Form Simple

A simple form does not necessarily mean a form that has limited fields. It means that the information you ask for must be easy to provide. Initially, it could be limited to the name and email address and at later stages of the buying cycle, it could extend to the city/state and phone number.

Your CTA is a key tool to increase sales leads on your website. Remember to measure the results of the CTA every now and then and if you are not being able to obtain the results you desire, swap the messaging and try something different. Identify when the click-through rates increase and what offer works well to be able to settle on a sales strategy.