b2b lead generation tactics

10 Effective Lead Generation Tactics that B2B Startups Use

Updating to new technologies and tactics for the purpose of lead generation can be challenging for B2B startups as they do not have the necessary budgets.

They have to identify new ways for the right growth in leads. This can make or break the future of a B2B company since for them, quality leads are a must. The limitations posed by poor budgets make it vital for you to focus on lead generation strategies.

If you give your lead generation practices the right attention, you can keep yourself at par with the competition. Here are 10 effective B2B lead generation tactics that startups can use :

1. Establish a Sales Team

Sales teams play an important role in the task of lead generation. This is especially true in the case of B2B companies. Executives adopt brand new sales development approaches, including the methods of Outbound Sales.

The sales team is in touch with the customers on a regular basis. They gain extensive knowledge about the customers’ problems and ensure that prospects are dealt with accordingly. This information can also be shared with the marketing team and both teams can attain their objectives.

2. Define the Target Audience

Your marketing and sales efforts will be successful in the B2B domain only when you approach the right audience. You need to develop a bond with the customer and offer a product that fits with the customers’ requirements. You need to tell them ‘why’ your product is suitable for them.

Among all these factors, what matters the most is the target audience you choose to communicate with. You must segment them appropriately on the basis of demographics, interests, behaviours, income, and needs.

3. Provide a toll-free number

Customers connect more with a brand that allows them to call and get answers to all their queries. Most people today search for solutions using their phones. And if they have a number they can easily call on, they will form an association with the brand.

Several call analytics companies today make it easy for you to track and learn from phone calls. In fact, if you outsource the activity, a team can qualify, divert, and record these phone calls.

4. B2B Referral Program

Start creating referral programs and give your customers all the details about the same. It is vital to build trust with customers before they share some information with you.

Furthermore, once you have a referral, ensure that the sales rep is involved with the person and the process is taken forward. No referral must go waste.

Give your customers an incentive or an interesting offer when they participate in the referral program. For every referral, they must achieve a sense of accomplishment.

5. Have a strong landing page

Landing pages are ideal for capturing leads. Build landing pages with content that attracts and engages the customer. Give a form that can collect personal information about a prospect, such as email id, contact number, company name etc.

6. Invest in search engine optimization

Majority of your website traffic comes from search entries. This makes search engine optimization a crucial element of your lead generation strategy.

Preparing an SEO blueprint with all the keywords, content, backlinks etc. can be cumbersome and therefore, you need an expert to help you with the same. Make sure what you do as part of your SEO strategy is streamlined with your business objectives.

7. Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

Social media has emerged as a popular medium for marketing. Lead Gen Form is one of the most beneficial features of LinkedIn giving you the opportunity to accumulate leads.

The Advanced People Search tool lets you filter profiles on the basis of keywords, contact information, job title, department etc. As a result, B2B marketers must understand that LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are extremely beneficial for any startup.

8. Attract customers with offers

A smart and inexpensive strategy to collect data is with attractive offers. It could be anything from a downloadable PDF, an e-book, a webinar or a free trial.

When you offer a free product, you create your lead database with lots of information that you can use in the future for communication and conversions.

9. Facebook Ads

Another social media platform that is useful for B2B startups is Facebook. Run an ad campaign with the audience segmented as per your requirements.

Get people to sign up for a newsletter or for a product launch and engage with them. B2B ads can help you establish brand awareness and promote the product/service you are offering.

10. Content marketing

Content is the new buzz for B2B and B2C startups. This content must be original, generous, educative, and engaging. You must talk to the users and give them the information they need about the industry, your product, their problems, and your solution.

Closing Thoughts

These strategies may not work as soon as you implement them but with time and some hard work, you can start seeing leads flowing in. It is important that you stick to this process till leads start to tick up and result in higher conversion rates, sales, and revenue.