B2B Lead Generation in LinkedIn

10 Advanced B2B Lead Generation Strategies Using LinkedIn

Consumers love content. It is a special ingredient in marketing for driving top of the funnel leads but getting it set up can take time.If you’ve done it right already, congratulations.

However, all your efforts of creating content would go waste if you are not reaching out to the right target audience. This is especially tricky for B2B brands. Fortunately, LinkedIn is here to further open the door and help you talk to the right audience.

LinkedIn really sets up the stage for all B2B players. It has a career-centric approach and enables content publishing making it the ideal social networking platform for brands and professionals to connect on.

LinkedIn is, in fact, an effective tool for B2B lead generation companies and around 80% of the leads are captured through this platform.

If you’re convinced and ready to use the B2B social network, here are some ways that help boost your brand’s presence:

  1. Use your company page effectively

Leads need to be attracted. Turn your business page into a lead generation page. Don’t show basic stuff about your company, instead use it as a trigger to drive users to your company website.

Design your company page in a manner that the user is convinced to take a conversion action. The most obvious action is routing them to your website by leaving the link in your Recent Updates or the company description.

  1. Develop a showcase page

LinkedIn created showcase pages for brands to promote individual units. Showcase pages are ideal for brands that want to segment their target audience based on different extensions of the company.

These pages are used for generating inbound traffic and give you plenty of space to place backlinks, posts, and images. Use this feature effectively to develop long-term relationships with your segmented target audience.

  1. Utilize Advanced Search

We’ve just discussed two inbound techniques for generating traffic. For the purpose of reaching out to prospects and finding them on your own, LinkedIn allows you to perform an advanced search.

This is a powerful way to target exactly the type of people you want to communicate with. You can search for people with filters for location, industry, school, current company, past company, and much more.

  1. Save the Search

Filtering your search to finally reach the exact audience you wish to target is a time-consuming activity. This is why LinkedIn allows you to save your search.

Saved searches is a great way to come back to your prospects and maintain consistency by having a steady pipeline of leads.

  1. Search Groups

Reach out to a larger set of your target audience by finding a relevant group. There are innumerable groups on LinkedIn and you are bound to find one in your niche.

Join the group, interact with the members and nurture leads accordingly.

Tip: LinkedIn ranks groups on the basis of their activity level. Join groups that are categorized as ‘very active’.

  1. Make use of LinkedIn Groups

When you join a group, it is important that you effectively engage with the members. Most people start posting links to their websites and are soon banned.

It is suggested that you use the groups to develop a rapport with your prospects and most importantly showcase yourself as a thought leader.

You must start interesting discussions or polls and provide informative blogs as answers for other discussions.

  1. Create Groups

LinkedIn groups are incredible for networking. One of the best ways to benefit from this feature is by creating a group of your own.

As the owner and moderator of the group, you can position yourself as a leader in the industry. However, make sure that you remain authoritative and not get salesy in any manner.

  1. Refrain from Sending Cold Messages

We have all received sales messages from strangers and most often than not, we do not react to such messages. These efforts are generally unsuccessful.

Avoid sending cold messages to prospects as this will only ruin your B2B lead generation efforts. Focus on developing long-term relationships organically and positioning yourself as an industry expert.

  1. Use LinkedIn Applications

LinkedIn has certain applications that allow you to display the most important content related to your brand in an effective and appealing manner.

You can easily integrate Slideshare presentations on your profile and they act as an attractive tool for your network. PDFs, presentations, and short eBooks are interesting ways of lead generation.

  1. Share Content

LinkedIn allows you to publish content. Use this platform for increased exposure and share information that is relevant and useful for your target audience.

LinkedIn provides a vast opportunity for generating B2B leads. However, if you are not aware of the platform’s potential, you would just take it as any other social media marketing website.

Spend some time on your LinkedIn profile and you will realize that there is a lot that you can do on it.